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Grant McCartney, better known as the “Island Ninja” from the TV show American Ninja Warrior, is one of the shows most recognizable athletes. Between his dynamic personality, dance moves, and fun-loving attitude it’s no wonder he has created such a name for himself. In just four years of being on the show, Grant has turned his energy and love of entertaining into the Island Ninja brand that has inspired a community of loyal followers known as the “Pineapple Pack” on social media.

Grant has always had a passion for athletics, travel and connecting with people.  His ability to inspire and motivate every person he comes in contact with is truly amazing; his charisma for life will instantly draw you in! It’s no wonder he is one of the most sought after ninja’s ninjas for: speaking events, gym appearances, celebrity appearances, and emcee opportunities. Grant has been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show, trained with Logan Paul, coached WWE super star Nikki Bella for the ANW Red Nose Day Celebrity Edition, quoted in multiple heath and fitness blogs and much more!

“My goal in life is to build people up. Whether that’s through athletics, speaking, social media…if I’m not inspiring and building people up, I don’t want to be about it.” Says Grant. This attitude of integrity has created an organic following that engages with Grant on an authentic level.

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Featured Accounts

9GAG (47.7 million)

Cabronazi (12M followers Spain)

People are Awesome (22M followers)

Fortafyfans (15m likes)

BestVines (10.2M followers)


Spartan (5.2M followers)

Logan Paul (18.5M Youtube Subscribers, 6M+3.6M views on those vlogs)

Web series Logan Paul VS. 

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